The partnership would support the exchange of global eCommerce and the enhance JCB Contactless enablement across Europe


JCB headquarters at Aoyama Rise Square, Minato-ku, Tokyo. (Credit: Rs1421/Wikipedia.)

JCB International, a subsidiary of Japanese credit card firm JCB, has extended its partnership with Worldline, a European payments and transaction services provider, to expand operations across Europe.

The partnership is expected to support both the exchange of global eCommerce and enhance the JCB Contactless enablement across Europe.

JCB’s security payment authentication programmes J/Secure1.0 and J/Secure 2.0 are planned to be implemented for online commerce, as part of the partnership.

The company said that its Contactless payment solution is compliant with NFC and EMV Contactless Communication Protocols, and the number of merchants accepting JCB Contactless is expanding worldwide.

JCB International Europe managing director Tsuyoshi Notani said: “We are delighted that our positive relationship with Worldline has afforded us the opportunity to expand in not only one but two areas where our cardmembers are showing a spend preference – in contactless payment for face-to-face sales and through secure, easy-to-use eCommerce platforms.

“This is an exciting step for our 140+ million cardmembers and Worldline’s extensive merchant community. It is our sincere hope that this collaboration will support recovery and growth across every region, especially in light of the challenges the pandemic presented.”

Both JCB and Worldline have previously worked together to support digital shopping outside of Europe and worked to enable JCB Contactless in countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Belgium, and Poland.

The expanded collaboration is anticipated to enable more Worldline merchants to accept face-to-face contactless payments in other European markets, particularly in Nordic regions.

Worldline merchants around the world are now enabled to welcome online transactions from JCB cardmembers.

Also, Worldline merchants would benefit from eCommerce authorisation, manual and contactless transactions, centralised billing for debit and credit cards and a rapid and safe billing process.

Worldline merchant services chief market officer Roger Niederer said: “Worldline’s ambition is to be the partner of choice for merchants. We stand by our customers’ side and support their business growth with consumer-friendly and efficient services for their specific needs.

“Contactless payments and eCommerce are a manifest consumer trend, and I am happy that Worldline is now expanding its global partnership with JCB to apply our advanced payments technology in both face-to-face and eCommerce transactions.”