First Tennessee Bank, a US-based financial services firm, has deployed D3 Banking's mobile banking application to its 300,000 plus registered mobile users.

Currently, the D3 platform supports over 500,000 browser-based users of First Tennessee Bank.

First Tennessee originally selected D3 as its provider after the bank conducted a comprehensive review of the solutions available to support its digital banking strategy. D3’s extensible, API-driven platform made it possible for First Tennessee to consolidate its digital users and services while improving customer experience and decreasing costs.

In addition, the configurability and scalability of D3’s platform created an innovative environment that the bank felt would provide it with a competitive advantage for years to come.

First Tennessee Bank digital channel strategy executive senior vice president Kevin Karrels said: “At First Tennessee Bank, it’s our mission to deliver the best experience possible to everyone who banks with us, and to provide them with the necessary tools to succeed financially.

“This means we have to be able to respond to the ever changing needs of our customers. In order to do that, we had to do more than simply refresh our online and mobile channels.”

“Since going live with the D3 online solution, we’ve seen a five-percent year over year increase in online banking usage and we expect to see strong results from mobile as well. D3’s digital platform allows us to provide the seamless, consistent experience our users want, backed by the flexible, scalable architecture we need to continue to grow, evolve and fortify our market position.”, Karrels added.

The D3 mobile app is supported by powerful analytics that enable First Tennessee Bank to know its customers better, and anticipate their needs. The insights from this analysis allow the bank to make personalized, relevant offerings to meet those needs.

The D3 mobile app also includes embedded personal financial management functionality and automatic transaction categorization that helps customers better understand their spending habits and financial positions.

D3 Banking CEO Mark Vipond said: “Simply replacing outdated online and mobile banking solutions is no longer a viable option for financial institutions that want to compete successfully today and in the future.

“That’s just the price of getting to sit at the table, not a winning hand. Some institutions, such as First Tennessee Bank, understood this early on and have taken the steps necessary to enable the deployment of innovative services and capabilities required to be competitive over the long haul. These institutions will be the ones well positioned to attract and retain customers as the digital revolution heats up.”