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Prevx SafeOnline: Fighting Online Banking Fraud

Online scams

Phishing emails are typical of today’s online scams. Someone responding to a phishing email by clicking any contained links, might inadvertently compromise their online banking credentials. Phishing emails typically target logons, passwords, credit and debit card numbers, which are then either used for fraud or are sold online.

Prevx SafeOnline provides generic protection against phishing attacks by locking down the use of credentials to specific websites. In addition, Prevx SafeOnline provides community level phishing protection from websites that have attempted to harvest locked down credentials.

Infected PCs

Infected PCs pose a significant threat. They are silent and capable of stealing customer information and credentials on an individual basis as well as en-masse. This creates a hugely powerful and threatening intelligence database, that could be used to mastermind complex organised fraud – possibly defeating current online fraud defenses.

Hijacked internet connectivity

Prevx SafeOnline will automatic block any attempt to direct a customers PC to any IP address which has not been exclusively authorised by the website owner.

Rolling out Prevx SafeOnline to your banking customers is extremely simple:

  1. Your customer downloads Prevx SafeOnline
    Prevx SafeOnline can be hosted on the Bank’s website, or on a “Landing Page” residing on the Prevx website – The software is typically downloaded in less than 10 seconds
  2. They accept that the EULA and Prevx SafeOnline is Installed
    As soon as the customer accepts the terms and conditions, the software is typically installed in 5 seconds
  3. Prevx SafeOnline is active and the PC is secure

There are no complex configuration screens, with the user simply advised that the product is installed and Prevx SafeOnline protection is active.

Customer security, education and management information

Prevx SafeOnline will gently advise the customer only if there is cause for concern over the state of their PC. The customer can view any threats seen, and is also recommended on steps to rectify these issues. If the customer already has an Antivirus installed, then the Prevx SafeOnline review will advise the user they should contact this vendor to resolve the threats discovered – or alternatively they can upgrade to the Prevx 3.0 product to remediate these threats.

Clear and simple management information allows banks to see the threats facing them and their customers. Prevx SafeOnline Business partners will have access to comprehensive management information on their customers base.

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