New digital hub with enhanced fraud prevention tools will help small and mid-sized clients protect their businesses and manage money safely


JPMorgan Chase Metro Manila, Philippines. (Credit: Holav/Wikipedia.)

Access to reliable online security has never been more critical for businesses today. In fact, 81% of business owners experienced payments fraud last year, according to a recent survey by J.P. Morgan and the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP®). To help businesses protect against potential threats, JPMorgan Chase today introduced Fraud Protection Services, a new digital hub with enhanced fraud prevention tools that helps small and mid-sized clients protect their businesses and manage money safely.

The new offering is available online to the bank’s millions of small to mid-sized business clients. Businesses can easily enroll and access Chase’s suite of fraud tools through a dashboard that helps clients take full advantage of security features, including enhanced check monitoring and protection, while helping them better manage their cash.

“We want business owners to know we have their back,” says Jennifer Roberts, CEO of Chase Business Banking. “Fraud is a major concern for them and can be devastating for businesses so we felt strongly that these safeguards should be easy to set up and intuitive to use.”

“It’s our goal to make digital banking easy and safe so that leaders can get the right fraud tools in place and spend more time running their businesses,” said Jennifer Barker, Head of Product Delivery, JPMorgan Chase.

Beyond fraud prevention, Chase is helping businesses increase efficiency so they can easily run their operations and access powerful insights and tools. Digital features include:

Going paperless: manage accounts online and on mobile
Automating manual processes: bulk upload ACH files to simply collect payments
Reporting capabilities: access to real time data and insights
Additional support: add administrators to assist or screen share with a Chase rep to troubleshoot
Curating content: read helpful insights and tips to better run your business

Source: Company Press Release