New digital platform will take advantage of AI and data to deliver innovative solutions to French entrepreneurs and help accelerate the reduction of their carbon footprint


Bpifrance partners with Capgemini for next generation digital factory. (Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

Bpifrance has chosen Capgemini to create its next generation Digital Factory. Designed to accelerate innovation and the digital transformation of the French public investment bank and its customers, the Digital Factory will equip Bpifrance’s IT teams with the latest technologies, particularly in the fields of data processing and artificial intelligence (AI). The new agreement will also see Capgemini set up an eco-design program to support the bank in accelerating the reduction of its carbon footprint, over the entire lifecycle of its products and services.

The new banking information system of the French public investment bank[1] is based on a cloud-native infrastructure and will be complemented by this new program that is designed to digitalize business processes. To further enhance operational efficiency, teams of developers from Capgemini and Bpifrance will also be trained in the latest artificial intelligence technologies, particularly generative AI.

To support this transformation, an ‘Academy’ specially created for Bpifrance will be set up by Capgemini to train its Digital Factory teams, not only on new technologies but also the latest standards in eco-design and carbon footprint reduction across the entire product and service lifecycle.

“The Digital Factory marks a key stage in our transformation. We want to equip our banking information system with the very latest technologies, so that we can offer both innovative and eco-responsible solutions to tomorrow’s French industrial leaders, enabling them to accelerate their development while improving their customer experience. We share with Capgemini a common vision of innovation at the service of a sustainable economy and look forward to leading this crucial phase of our transformation with the help of its team of experts,” said Lionel Chaine, Chief Information Officer at Bpifrance.

Capgemini is supporting Bpifrance’s transformation by mobilizing a multidisciplinary team: comprising business experts, customer interface specialists, developers, data scientists and artificial intelligence specialists, architects and agile methodology specialists, as well as IT testers.

“We’re proud to work hand in hand with Bpifrance on this ambitious program aiming to both accelerate the transformation of a key player for innovation and entrepreneurship in France and deliver innovative and eco-responsible solutions to accompany its customers’ development. Our collaboration based on trust, agility, efficiency and commitment, will be a key driver for the success of this program,” comments Laurence Lamarcade-Cochet, Director of Operations, Financial Services, at Capgemini in France.

Source: Company Press Release