AsiaPay joins Plug and Play for their fourth batch of the Fintech accelerator program


AsiaPay partners with Plug and Play's Singapore Fintech Programme. (Credit: Pixabay/Pete Linforth)

Hong Kong-based firm AsiaPay has partnered with Plug and Play to support the company’s work with startups through the latter’s Singapore fintech programme. 

Under the new partnership, AsiaPay will aim to strengthen their engagement with startups with evolving and innovative solutions to improve the standard of the financial services and e-Commerce industries.

AsiaPay seeks to specifically pilot innovation projects throughout their Southeast Asia businesses

The digital payment service and solution provider intends to specifically pilot innovation projects throughout their Southeast Asia businesses. 

According to Plug and Play, AsiaPay joins them for their fourth batch of the Fintech accelerator programme, which jointly with their Insurtech programme will is presently speeding up 23 startups worldwide in a three-month programme which commenced last week.

AsiaPay CEO Joseph Chan said: “We are proud to partner with Plug & Play on digital commerce innovation.

“To allow us to learn from and strengthen our engagement with innovative startups in the region, and to grow and synergise together. It further scales up our ecosystem that we aim to build in digital commerce and payment space in Asia. 

“We look forward to growing our presence in innovation space in Asia and bring innovative services and solutions to our bank and merchant clients, by leveraging on the global innovative knowhow and applying them in regional and local applications.”

AsiaPay had announced its pilot venture programme beginning from end of last year which aims at incubating startups to accelerate regionally with their innovative solutions offerings.

Plug and Play Asia Pacific corporate innovation EVP and head Shawn Dehpanah said: “Our partnership will provide them with global visibility into the most innovative startups who are transforming digital payment processing solutions and services in banks and financial institutions.”

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play is a global innovation platform that works with 13 corporations in their Fintech and Insurtech programmes, including MSIG, Tokio Marine, Willis Towers Watson, Astra Financial, Cathay Financial, Krung Thai Bank, Aon, and Swiss Re.