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Surecomp - Global Trade Finance Solutions


Complementary Supply Chain Finance Solutions

Receivables Management: allFAC®

allFAC is Surecomp’s market-leading receivables management solution designed to handle a wide range of areas including full and reverse factoring, invoice discounting and invoice level funding.

Utilising cutting-edge technology and incorporating in-depth factoring and receivables management expertise, allFAC is highly flexible, thereby ensuring a cost-effective, easy implementation. A robust, field-proven system, allFAC is operable on virtually any platform, enabling clients to fully leverage their investments in existing technology. Equipped with a brandable Web interface for both internal and external users, the Java J2EE-based system is designed to provide customers with flexible automation of standard business processes through extensive utilisation of workflow technologies.

Available either through a fully licensed or ASP model, the user-friendly and highly secure allFAC features full disaster recovery, business continuity and high availability options. Interfacing with two-factor chain FCI (Factors Chain International) and IFG (International Factors Group), allFAC offers complete international functionality as well as multi-currency, multi-lingual support and comprehensive import and export capabilities. Suitable for organisations of any size, the state-of-the-art system improves efficiency, reduces operating costs and generates additional revenues.


  • Increase client-to-staff ratio through greater automation
  • Achieve industry-leading automated payment allocation rate of over 85%
  • Improve client service while reducing operational overhead
  • Boost funding opportunities by 20% via improved risk management
  • Minimise time and cost of new product implementation


  • Broad receivables management functionality – supports a range of receivables management activity from international factoring and invoice level funding to reverse factoring and invoice discounting bulk
  • Licensed or outsourced model – is available either through a fully licensed or ASP model
  • Easy external system integration – delivers a comprehensive set of interfaces, including general ledger and client Web access, enabling easy external system integration
  • Workflow-driven actions – is designed with a workflow engine at its core that provides full and flexible automation for standard business processes based on individualised business rules
  • Low risk – significantly minimises risk via extensive use of EDI, while interfacing with leading risk management solution
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency support – translates into any language and supports any currency or specific field format
  • Online, Web-based interface – enables factor’s clients to manage their accounts in real time

Treasury Confirmation Matching: allMATCH®

allMatch® is a comprehensive confirmation matching system that automatically ensures the accuracy of trade details. Analysing incoming and outgoing confirmations online and in real time, allMatch supports the reconciliation and investigation of SWIFT and non-SWIFT confirmations across a wide range of financial instruments.

Fully automated and intuitive, allMatch confirmation matching system “learns” matching rules automatically, and lets users modify matching characteristics without requiring software changes as needs evolve. During the trade reconciliation process the confirmation matching system automatically pairs confirmations, prioritises them by degree of discrepancy, and, with its array of exceptions-handling capabilities, highlights the differences for easy review, directing users only to transactions that require attention.

Working with SWIFT, broker, paper and telephone confirmations, allMatch facilitates trade reconciliation through a state-of-the-art user interface and treasury workflow design. By increasing the accuracy, speed and operational efficiency of the confirmation matching process, allMatch decreases the possibility of erroneous trades and settlement errors for organisations worldwide.


  • Increase control over operational and settlement risk
  • Leverage software license investments and lower internal IT support costs
  • Reduce high maintenance costs associated with legacy systems


  • Integrated reconciliation solution – integrates counter-party (SWIFT and non-SWIFT) confirmations, broker confirmations, CLS status, and investigation and chaser capabilities into one reconciliation solution, saving users from logging in and out of different modules
  • Online real-time analysis – analyses incoming and outgoing confirmations online and in real time
  • Learning mechanism – identifies and learns from error patterns resulting from manual typing of settlement instructions
  • Exceptions handling – provides a range of exceptions-handling capabilities, including prioritization, integrated internal and external investigations and replies, online audit trails, and automatic chasers
  • Comprehensive reporting – offers a long list of standard reporting options including detailed and summarised monthly brokerage reports
  • Online audit trail – records every historic event relating to a transaction including cancellations, amendments, user actions, investigations and replies
  • Seamless integration – works seamlessly with any internal banking and SWIFT messaging system
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