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BioPassport™ Secure Application

This module secures the access to all password-based applications, websites and file servers. It thus avoids users having to remember several passwords, whilst ensuring that files, applications and websites are only accessed by authorised personnel. It does not store the image of your fingerprint.
Rather, it creates a digital template that is your secure BioPassport™ Profile. It is not possible to recreate your initial fingerprint image to avoid the risk of “cloning”.


BioPassport™ Secure Application can secure any application that is currently protected with a password. SDK for all proprietary software packages is available.

Ease of use

When an application, website or data file requests a password, the user simply right clicks in the password field to be verified with the chosen Biometric. Upon verification the application, communication or file will be launched.

Choice of biometrics

Currently BioPassport™ Secure Application supports IRIS recognition, finger recognition and a combination of both. It will automatically request a live image from the connected sensor/camera, depending on which biometric technology was enrolled on the BioPassport™ Enterprise AD Server by the user.

Do you have a password and/or security problem?

Almost all enterprises face increasing problems to secure access to their VPN, Firewall, Internet / intranet and ERP or other password secured applications. Their efforts are constrained by the practices of users who create trivial passwords, write them down, stick them to the monitor or use identical passwords for different applications. Password-based user authentication remains the weakest link in the security chain and a high cost factor for each organisation.

Reduced support costs

Adding fingerprint authentication results in almost immediate financial benefits and a ROI of under one year. By taking away the burden for users to remember passwords or create new ones, you never have to worry about resetting those passwords or handling over proportional support requests for lost or forgotten passwords.

The benefits are obvious — dramatically increased customer and partner satisfaction, increased employee uptime and reduced help desk and support costs.

Protection of data privacy

All BioPassport™ Enterprise Security products comply with privacy standards for industry and government.