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BioPassport™ Enterprise Server

There are two main objectives for deploying biometrics in an enterprise:

Massive cost savings

The administration of classic passwords is generally recognised (Gartner Group study) to cost an
organisation at least €300,- per member of staff per year.

Dramatic increase of ITsecurity

IT-security has become a major concern. Official crime statistics throughout the world show significant increases of identity theft and computer espionage.

Only biometrics ensure that a person is really the one he or she purports to be. IdentAlink’s
BioPassport enterprise server family of products incorporates multi-layered biometrics, including IdentAlink’s proprietary finger recognition algorithms and high level encryption, combined with
PKI to provide a convenient single sign-on structure for small to large scale organisations.

Customers do not need additional hardware to run the application. And because the application is
built to be platform independent, there will be no need to modify the existing infrastructure at all. For
Windows 2000/2003 networks it is essentially an Active Directory Plug-In.

The Java 2 Enterprise Edition is additionally provided to support Non-Windows or multiple networks as well as for the provision of PKI.

Examples of the unique features of IdentAlink’s BioPassport enterprise server are:
multilayered biometrics (IRIS and finger as standard ); in case of finger recognition there are
various different sensors compliant with the software; the number of users as well as domains is not
limited; AES256 including digital signature is integrated into the package; it features true single sign-on, central control of all infrastructure and complies with the European Data Protection Act.

The BioPassport Enterprise Server contains the following modules:

BioPassport BioLogon

Enables a user to login from a Windows 2000, XP and Windows 7, or XP workstation into any Windows, Linux- or Solaris-Network with chosen biometrics instead of a password.

BioPassport secure application

This module allows all password based applications (locally, on a network or even web based) to be
secured with chosen biometrics. Available as ready-to-use module to work with almost any ERP, QRM and database solutions on the market or as SDK to be integrated into a proprietary application.

BioPassport secure communication

Enables a user to send and receive digitally signed and encrypted emails including attachments, only
when the user has been biometrically verified. It is provided as a plug-in for MS Outlook
or as an SDK to be integrated in any other mail application. It also uses AES256 encryption and includes digital signature.

BioPassport time & attendance (SDK)

Interfacing to all current time & attendance software.

BioPassport physical access control (SDK)

Interfaces embedded units into BioPassport enterprise server.

BioPassport content provider (SDK)

Any web based content (online shopping, online banking) that is currently secured with a password
can be protected with biometrics.

Standalone solutions

IdentAlink has also recently released standalone versions of its BioPassport enterprise server family of products for small businesses and standalone computers generally.