Zions Bank, a subsidiary of Utah-based Zions Bancorporation, has selected Trusteer’s Rapport and Flashlight services to help protect its online retail and business banking customers from financial malware attacks, fraud and identity theft.

According to the Trusteer, Rapport is a browser security solution that protects data exchanged during web banking sessions including usernames, passwords, and account information against malware and financial Trojans such as Zeus, URLZone, Clampi, and others.

Trusteer said that the Flashlight service identifies the attack source on customer machines, remotely gathers samples, and can reverse engineer the mechanism used by the malware to commit fraud.

Findings will enable Zions Bank to prevent future losses, block subsequent attacks and takedown command/control servers. Flashlight includes ongoing consulting by its security experts with Zions Bank’s IT security team to help mitigate future threats.

Matt Wilcox, interactive department manager at Zions Bank, said: “With Rapport we can help customers lock down their browser to keep out malware, while the Flashlight service performs ongoing incident analysis and enables us to remotely gather forensic data to investigate fraudulent activity and prevent attacks in the future.”

Mickey Boodaei, CEO of Trusteer, said: “Trusteer Flashlight enables Zions Bank, within minutes, to find out whether malware is present on a customer’s machine and then fingerprint and block its actions.”