YESpay, a UK-based card payments service company, in partnership with ITIM, has added Trago Mills and The Entertainer, the providers of retail services, to its managed card payment service to offer reduced costs and PCI DSS compliance.

Trago Mills and The Entertainer have their own in-house card payment solution, before PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and EMV (Europay, Visa and MasterCard) Chip and PIN standards were mandated by their card acquirers.

Cost-of-ownership and cash-flow analysis prepared by YESpay, a managed internet and card present (Chip and PIN) payment service provider (PSP) with 4 global data centres, located in London, Heathrow, Toronto and San Francisco provides a base for comparing the financial propositions of the two payment solutions, namely, in-house and managed.

Trago Mills and The Entertainer have switched to YESpay EMBOSS card payment service to achieve CAPEX and operational cost reductions of up to 40% and also to minimise PCI DSS compliance risk.

YESpay EMBOSS also eliminates the need of diverting manpower time and funds into non-core activities like payment solution for the merchants. In addition, it caters for any future upgrading of software due to change in EMV and PCI standards and regulations at no extra cost.

Mick Parker, head of IT at Trago Mills, said: “The YESpay managed card payment service system has been excellent! There has been 100% availability of the service for over 200 days since YESpay introduced its latest multi-data centres cloud computing based card payment service architecture.”

Boris Hurinek, head of development and support services at ITIM, said: “The improvements resulting from the cloud computing based card payment service introduced by YESpay, are clearly visible internally at ITIM and our mutual customers.

“The YESpay solution has the added advantage of being very simple to implement, significantly reducing the effort compared with other solutions, therefore improving the retailer’s project costs and timescales. Ongoing support is also streamlined through YESpay’s 24/7 helpdesk.”

Nigel Exton, senior vice president of operations and client services globally at YESpay, said: “We have many thousands of top, mid- and small-tier retailers migrated to our very cost-efficient and 99.99% available card payment service throughout Europe and North America.”