YellowJacket, a subsidiary of IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) and the instant message (IM) trade negotiation service, has expanded its capabilities to the equity markets following completion of the beta test by key equity options market participants.

YellowJacket’s platform is designed to meet the demanding security, data control and compliance requirements. YellowJacket is deployed among traders and brokers in the global over-the-counter (OTC) commodity derivatives markets and has leveraged its technology to serve equity options markets.

YellowJacket’s IM functionality allows customers to transact with counterparties using existing IM identities. In addition, YellowJacket’s quote recognition technology extracts data from individual IM conversations and consolidates this information in a customizable view, allowing customers to filter broker markets and view real-time alerts based on certain parameters.

Addressing the specific needs of options market traders, YellowJacket analytics sends components of quoted options strategies via an API to third-party or proprietary pricing systems, allowing customers’ models to return theoreticals and greeks to the YellowJacket screen in real-time.

IntercontinentalExchange is an operator of regulated futures exchanges and over-the-counter markets for agricultural, credit, currency, emissions, energy and equity index contracts.