SIX offers Market Data Feed (MDF) that delivers a steady stream of consolidated, standardised and real time market information


Xignite partners with SIX. (Credit: Wynn Pointaux/Pixabay.)

Xignite and SIX partnered to offer real-time data from the catalogue of SIX, through Xignite Enterprise Microservices, a suite of cloud-native market data management services.

SIX’ catalogue includes 1,800+ global exchanges and trading venues, and Xignite’s market data solution is said to transform the way companies store, distribute, and manage market data in cloud.

The partnership marks the first time a comprehensive set of market data has been offered to the market through a native cloud solution, and is aimed at accelerating the transition of large financial institutions to the cloud.

Xignite CEO and founder Stephane Dubois said: “Large financial institutions have been looking for cloud-native market data solutions capable of handling their broad coverage requirements and offering a state-of-the-art customer experience.

“The pandemic has worsened the situation as firms want to get away from maintaining complex and expensive on-premise infrastructures that are overkill for most of their needs. We had the enterprise technology but not the coverage, so partnering with SIX made sense. We are thrilled to partner with SIX and be first to market with a true global enterprise solution.”

Xignite Enterprise Microservices helps large firms migrate market data to the cloud

Xignite said that its cloud-native solution currently serves more than 12 billion API calls per day to 750 clients around the world, and its Xignite Enterprise Microservices is designed to enable large firms migrate their market data infrastructure and any of their existing data sources to the cloud.

SIX is a data vendor that offers full coverage of the global capital markets, where its Market Data Feed (MDF) delivers a steady stream of consolidated, standardized and real time market information.

In addition, MDF is said to provide clients with access to more than 30 million instruments across all asset classes and from more than 1,800 exchanges, OTC markets, and other trading venues.

The new combined solution will integrate the MDF feed from SIX, delivered from hosted collocation facilities to Xignite Enterprise Microservices deployed in the client’s own cloud account.

The Xignite Real-Time Microservice will distribute real-time data from the cloud through scalable APIs while the Xignite Entitlements and Usage Microservice will provide control and transparency of data consumption and usage.

SIX financial information sales head John McManus said: “Partnering with Xignite is a great leap for SIX in making its market data easily available to all buy-side and sell-side professionals.

“While making the richness, depth and wide coverage of our Market Data Feed available via Xignite’s cloud-based solution, we offer clients streamlined access to the highest quality data without a complicated acquisition process, burdensome integration or costly development.”