Wincor Nixdorf, a global provider of intelligent transaction and payment solutions for the banking and retail markets, has launched an enhanced PC/E Terminal Security multi-vendor ATM security software suite.

The suite, comprised of its PC/E Terminal Security Intrusion Protection and PC/E Terminal Security Access Protection solutions, offers security to the ATM environment. The solution can be deployed on any type of ATM in a multi-vendor environment, and supports financial institutions in achieving compliancy with international security standards and regulations, including PCI standards and state data protection laws as currently in force in 46 states in the US.

Wincor Nixdorf’s PC/E terminal security suite is designed to protect against known and unknown threats delivering so-called Day-Zero protection, preventing attacks originating locally from over the network or from a recoverable medium (such as a USB-based device).

Moreover, with a predefined security policy, the solution forbids all unauthorized actions and access, and thus prevents any unauthorized introduction, alterations or execution of software components at ATMs. The benefits of the solution include: streamlined security administration; predefined security policies for a multi-vendor environment; real-time monitoring and logging of attacks and customization of individual security policy parameters.

Patrick Wright, president and CEO of US operations at Wincor Nixdorf, said: “Our enhanced PC/E terminal security suite proactively protects against intrusions before they even happen, ensuring that banks can protect their brand and protect their customers’ data with complete peace of mind.”