WesCorp Federal Credit Union has chosen Rosetta Technologies’ IRD Express Pack for its member credit unions using WesCorp’s IRD Now!, an electronic check image return solution. Rosetta is a provider of MICR printers and IRD and check printing software solutions.

Rosetta claimed that its IRD Express Pack contains everything a credit union needs for printing return IRDs from files downloaded from WesCorp’s Member Center. In addition to providing users with an affordable printing solution, the IRD Express Pack includes a MICR IRD printer, MICR toner cartridge, IRD paper, and a premium service plan.

When combined, WesCorp’s IRD Now! and Rosetta’s IRD Express Pack will allow credit unions to reduce their potential exposure to NSF losses, save on shipping costs and reduce their per item fees.

WesCorp’s IRD Now! offers users the ability to access their return items by 6:00 am Pacific Time, the same day they are received from the Federal Reserve Bank, a far departure from current return processes where institutions must often wait a day or more to receive their return items.

Matt Jamison, director of product management for WesCorp, said: “In looking at how WesCorp could enhance its check collection services, we recognized the value in offering an electronic returns solution like IRD Now!, given its ability to create substantial cost- and time-saving benefits for our members.

Rosetta’s IRD Express Pack was the icing on the cake. It helps to ensure that once members receive their items they will be able to print, quickly and easily, high-quality and standards-compliant IRDs on a consistent basis, while at the same time, saving them money and increasing their efficiencies.”