Wells Fargo has unveiled a new ATM e-receipt option which allows its online banking customers to either have an ATM receipt sent to an online banking inbox or to a designated personal e-mail account.

Initially the new service will be offered to Wells Fargo online banking customers, and later it will be expanded to the Wachovia customers following their conversion to the Wells Fargo. The conversion from Wachovia to Wells Fargo is scheduled to take place through 2011.

Wells Fargo said that the customers can avail the service on the e-receipt selection screen while operating the ATM. The customers will receive an e-mail message from Wells Fargo Online titled ‘Your Wells Fargo ATM Receipt’ that include an electronic version of ATM receipt, to the designated inbox.

Wells Fargo added that using MyATM favorite transactions, Wells Fargo customers can set e-receipts as their preferred way to receive their ATM receipts for quicker and convenient way to get receipts via email.

Jonathan Velline, head of ATM banking and store strategy at Wells Fargo, said: “Since many of our customers manage their finances online, these e-receipts will help them keep tabs on their day-to-day financial activities in one spot. E-receipts are an important tool for customers to help keep track of their transactions and manage their accounts.”

Mary Wenzel, head of environmental affairs at Wells Fargo, said: “We encourage customers to make the switch to e-receipts. With each one of us taking this one simple action we collectively can make a positive impact for the environment.”