Wells Fargo Private Bank, a business within Wells Fargo, has expanded its wealth and life management solution Elder Services program to the East Coast.

According to Wells Fargo, Elder Services program combines wealth management services with life management assistance to help aging adults with everything from loss of a spouse to mobility and health challenges as well as investment management, helping clients maintain their independence and quality of life.

The Elder Services program can also help clients with service such as paying bills, finding in-home help and monitoring health issues to managing commercial real estate in conjunction with our real estate and specialty asset groups.

Wells Fargo said that Elder Services specialists work closely with their clients’ outside attorneys, accountants, insurance specialists, and healthcare providers to coordinate financial and life management services for their clients. The Elder Services relationship team also works with the client to establish a schedule for regular check-ins to address their changing needs.

The program benefits clients’ children, offering continuous, in-person support and keeping family members updated according to the client’s wishes. It helps clients and family members resolve sensitive issues, such as giving up drivers’ licenses, moving into retirement homes, or planning funerals.

Keith Klovee-Smith, national manager of Wells Fargo Elder Services, said: “We expect the need for Elder Services to triple over the next two decades, which makes our presence in the East so crucial. We are committed to serving our clients in all stages of their lives.

“Specialists help clients in building out systems of support both within the bank and externally in the community. We have a strict due diligence process with outside partners. We want to create a safety net for our clients consistent with their needs and preferences. To this end, we provide a health and wellness assessment, medical claims processing and assistance with personal income taxes as part of all of the other assistance given.”