Wells Fargo Funding has authorized the use of enterprise application software provider SutiSoft's eSignature solution SutiSign for loan originations by member correspondent banks.

According to SutiSoft, SutiSign is an e-signature solution that eliminates time delays, paperwork, and the costs associated with the manual approval process. The solution allows users to get documents signed electronically by one or more signers.

SutiSign’s key features include: enhanced audit trail; proactive notifications; flexible signing options; template functionality; data collection during approval; group/department sharing; flexible approval flow; web services integration; biometric authentication options; and touchpad signature.

SutiSign is available in multiple versions: professional, corporate, enterprise and unlimited.

SutiSoft is a US-based privately held company founded by ND Reddy. The company’s application software products range from business productivity solutions such as expense management, document control systems, governance, risk and compliance, and enterprise security Solutions.