Voyager Capital Management has opened a new office in Rockford, Illinois, to enhance its financial planning, investment management and personalized consulting services in the region.

Jody Jungerberg will be the lead adviser at at the new Rockford office.

Robert Anderson, a principal at Voyager, said: "The opening of the State Street office enhances our commitment to a high level of service for our many Rockford clients who rely on Voyager for financial planning, investment management and personalized consulting.

"We cater to individuals who want a higher level of attention. We operate Voyager as a boutique firm so we can provide that level of attention and best serve our clients."

Mr Jungerberg said: "It means the world to me to be able to continue to stay in Rockford and do what I do best: take care of my clients and manage their assets to meet their needs, hopes and dreams. My work is not just about the technical aspects of investing, which I am trained to do; I love connecting with my clients personally before we ‘get down to business.’ It’s all interconnected and critically important."