Volksbank has added MoneyGram services to 28 countrywide locations. MoneyGram's return to Croatia follows its alliance with Volksbank in Serbia in 2008 and the opening of 33 retail locations in Germany since 2006.

Massimo Canovi, senior regional director for Southern Europe and the Balkans at MoneyGram, said: “MoneyGram is pleased to be back in Croatia with Volksbank, providing the country’s 4.5 million people a new choice and a better value for money transfer services. Volksbank is a leading financial institution across Southeastern Europe and has been a valued MoneyGram agent in Serbia since 2008. The Volksbank locations are available today to assist Croatians with their money transfer needs.

“”Our expansion in Germany continues to support our growth in Southeastern Europe and around the world. In addition to Croatia, we re-entered Hungary earlier this year and we plan to continue the expansion of our services by adding more countries to our network and more locations in the 190 countries and territories where we already operate.”

Andrea Kovacs-Wohry, member of Croatia’s managing board at Volksbank, said: “We are very pleased that our partnership with MoneyGram will enable us to provide our customers an affordable, reliable and convenient money transfer services at Volksbank branch offices in all of the major cities throughout Croatia.”