Vodafone Qatar has launched their Vodafone Money Transfer service which enables Vodafone customers in Qatar to instantly make international money remittances directly from their mobile phone.

Approved to launch by Qatar Central Bank, this service is a major milestone not only in mobile telecommunications, but also in improving accessibility of financial services to low-income groups.

In partnership with Doha Bank, Vodafone’s financial services provider for Vodafone Money Transfer, and Globe Telecom, Vodafone Money Transfer will enable customers to instantly make mobile-to-mobile money transfers from Qatar to the Philippines, according to the Vodafone Qatar.

Through Vodafone Money Transfer, users in Qatar can send funds directly from their mobile phones to any GCASH enabled mobile in the Philippines, or send money to a bank account or for collection at a GCASH Remit outlet.

The mobile operator said that all Vodafone and GCASH transactions are secured with a PIN to ensure security of the fund transfer. In addition, both the sender and recipient will be notified of the transaction via SMS.

Vodafone said that once a customer has loaded their Vodafone Money Account they can then send abroad anytime they like. Until money is transferred or spent it is stored for customers with Doha Bank. This means that customers also have the option to get their money cashed out in any Vodafone store or Doha Bank e-branch.

Vodafone senior product manager Markus Bikker said with Vodafone Money Transfer customers can send money to a GCASH phones to the Philippines within minutes and it costs only QR 12.