VocaLink, a provider of payment transaction services, has deployed Oracle WebLogic Server from Oracle, an enterprise software company, to provide a flexible and secure transaction processing platform to meet the rising automated payment volumes.

VocaLink overhauled its previous payment platform Replacement Electronic Funds Transfer (REFT) with Oracle WebLogic Server to better manage the growth in payment transaction volume.

The VocaLink Payments Platform allows to deliver uninterrupted services to its 100,000 corporate users while also advancing its aim to deliver more transactions through various channels.

The VocaLink Real Time Payments platform processes up to 1,400,000 payments per hour, while reducing infrastructure-provisioning times from 14 days to 2 days per environment and infrastructure project defects by 90%.

Hussein Badakhchani, a technologist at VocaLink, said: “We needed a flexible, robust and cost effective payments platform that would deliver the performance required to support a growing list of customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

“To address these challenges and strengthen our market position, we selected Oracle WebLogic Server as there was no other solution that could match its performance, flexibility, scalability and support. It now provides the backbone to our business and has played a key role in making VocaLink’s payment platforms the most advanced payment infrastructure in the world.”