Visa, in collaboration with the SANS Institute, has developed global industry best practices on secure implementation and management of payment applications to help merchants mitigate security issues that may lead to data compromises.

The best practices, a part of Visa’s initiatives to secure payment applications, can be helpful for payment application vendors, integrators and resellers that implement, install or manage payment-related systems.

Visa claimed that the best practices have been designed to complement the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

Visa Global Payment System Security head Eduardo Perez said that the PA-DSS provides guidance for developing secure software, while Visa’s best practices for payment application companies represents a natural companion, providing guidance on how to securely install that piece of software.

The SANS Institute is partnering with Visa to provide further guidance to payment application vendors, integrators and resellers on how to securely implement point-of-sale solutions through a series of training courses.