US Bank has partnered with Diebold, a provider of integrated self-service delivery and security systems and services, to provide a multi-vendor software application to run on the bank's ProdigyATM automated teller machine (ATM) terminals across its retail franchise.

Diebold developed a custom software solution with cross-vendor Agilis EmPower application for US Bank. Diebold’s software solution offers advantages to US Bank, including operational efficiency and brand differentiation. The application provides a platform for enhanced ATM services to its customers into the future, such as deposit automation.

Agilis software, designed with an adaptable framework, allows individual components, such as advanced functionality, to be easily implemented, giving US Bank flexibility and increased speed-to-market when it chooses to offer customers additional services at the ATM.

In addition, Diebold’s software solution provides the integration required across the US Bank network and compatibility across all retail delivery channels, from mobile to online. The solution has been designed to limit disruption to US Bank customers as new services and features are added to the ATM.

Diebold’s solution enables US Bank to grow and quickly deploy new services by using the tools the software provides. These tools, combined with Diebold’s framework, provide US Bank the flexibility to modify the application based on its business needs. Moreover, as the market changes and US Bank explores new possibilities for its ATM channel, it retains the option to call on Diebold’s Professional Services team for assistance.

Kevin Lander, manager of enterprise ATM services at US Bank, said: Diebold developed a software framework that will serve our customers and increase our competitiveness for years to come. We trust Diebold as a partner in our business, rather than simply viewing them as another software vendor.

Charles Ducey, executive vice president of Diebold North America operations, said: The Diebold team listened very carefully to US Bank so we could build a custom application to address its unique needs.”