US Bancorp Fund Services (USBFS), a subsidiary of US Bank, and Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) have launched a new Global Securities Services Alliance (GSSA), to offer a comprehensive fund services for all US and non-US domiciled funds with complete securities services and global support.

According to the USBFS, the new commercial alliance GSSA combines both SGSS and USBFS’ service models to offer global administration, shareholder servicing, distribution support, capital introduction support, product development, securities lending, trustee services, credit facilities, and middle office solutions.

Joe Redwine, president of USBFS, said: “We are pleased to offer this innovative commercial alliance with SGSS, one of the leading European investment management services providers. Their European expertise and presence, both in the product offerings and in the countries where they are distributed, will provide our clients with strong regulatory support, distribution services, and global access to investor market trends across Europe.”

Alain Closier, global head of SGSS, said: “Our commercial partnership with US Bancorp Fund Services provides investment managers the financial strength of both organizations and allows clients to access industry leading technology, key administration services, and the tools necessary to be successful in the global investing market. Clients benefit from premier transatlantic services that are not necessarily available today through one single organization.”