TSYS has inked a deal with SpareBank 1 in Norway to license its PRIME 4 card management solution, which will support the subscriber bank’s issuance and issuer processing of a range of MasterCard and Visa retail credit, charge, prepaid and contactless cards.

The Norwegian bank said that the new card management solution will enable it to meet the growing needs of Norwegian consumers, while helping the bank improve its own card centre infrastructure.

SpareBank 1 Gruppen, which is managed by a group of 16 cooperative banks, has a major presence across Norway with a total of 352 branches.

SpareBank 1 Gruppen project manager Oivind Mellbye said providing competitive banking products and services to consumers is the bank’s ultimate goal, and working with TSYS will help it to realize further expansion in the area of cards and payments.

"TSYS met all our partner criteria and managed to differentiate themselves on many levels with their proven PRIME licensing solution, global footprint and experienced Nordic track record. They backed this up with a partnership model focused on security, reliability, growth and shared customer values," Mellbye added.

TSYS International president Gaylon Jowers said, "PRIME 4 was designed to meet the exacting standards of TSYS data centers while drawing from more than 20 years of licensing experience and innovation."