TransUnion, a credit and information management firm and ID Analytics have launched ID Analytics Credit Optics Plus, a new credit risk score solution that examines conventional measures of creditworthiness, willingness and ability to pay, with a 360-degree view of consumer behavior for enhanced predictiveness of credit decisions.

The new score assesses creditworthiness by leveraging traditional credit bureau data with dynamic identity information within the ID Network, the real-time cross-industry compilation of identity information.

TransUnion said that Credit Optics Plus determines stability by analyzing a consumer’s use of their identity elements. The synergy of combining the three primary dimensions of credit risk, willingness and ability to pay plus stability in a single model provides direct visibility into consumer behavior.

The new Credit Optics Plus score includes TransUnion’ credit data such as past delinquencies, history of responsible use, debt level and utilization information along with ID Analytics’ alternative data. The ID Network includes data from over one billion consumer transactions and more than two million confirmed identity frauds.

According to the TransUnion, the new Credit Optics Plus credit score can be used to refine credit risk management practices across the entire credit spectrum. Using the new score, lenders can: build effective swap-in / swap-out strategies using an alternative view to uncover patterns of consumer behavior and performance; score 100% of applicants including thin files, no hits and the underbanked and fine tune credit decisioning with industry-specific Credit Optics Plus models including auto, wireless and bankcard.

Cathy Madden, group vice president of corporate development at TransUnion, said: “TransUnion believes the new Credit Optics Plus score will provide our customers with an in-depth solution for understanding consumer risk, regardless of the credit file’s depth.”

Bruce Hansen, president and CEO of ID Analytics, said: “By combining our intellectual capital and real-time visibility into consumer behavior, ID Analytics and TransUnion have delivered a deeper and more predictive view into the creditworthiness of consumers.”