US remittance processor TransCentra has made its Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) product available through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, which combines its mobile deposit and ecapture scanning system.

SaaS RDC reduces up-front and overall costs, thus enabling financial organizations to get rid of lengthy execution and software maintenance processes.

TransCentra chief executive officer Lynn Boggs said with the availability of secure and efficient payment options, many companies are trying to present new payment options to its customer to stay in tune with the changing scenario.

"Remote deposit capture is an ideal example of how customer needs for options, such as mobile remote deposit capture, are now married with business needs for cost-effective and secure ways to offer RDC."

The SaaS RDC system combines with the company’s eCapture offering, which uses small scanning devices to capture data and communicate it to the central processing facility.

eCapture system is able to co-mingle scanning functionality, levergaing multiple document types such as cheques, customer forms, cheque skirts and remittance documents to be scanned collectively.

Apart from this, the payment SaaS delivery model offers TransCentra’s "capture-to-clearing" mobile deposit solution, enabling them to capture and deposit cheques through a mobile device.

This facility expedites the overall operation of the financial system and improves workforce productivity, reduces paper handling risk as well as minimizes transportation and banking fees.