Transaction Network Services (TNS), a US-based data communications company, and EZX, a trading software firm, have partnered to provide advanced solution for foreign exchange (FX) trading.

The new partnership will see TNS and EZX enhance their trading proposition by combining their market expertise to create a low latency FX market data and trading aggregation service.

According to TNS, the FX trading solution will offer financial institutions the opportunity to connect to multiple trading venues, via its Secure Trading Extranet platform.

Greg Nadan, managing director at EZX, said: “The joint application of EZX’s FX market data and trading aggregation software and TNS’ reliable robust connectivity, via its Secure Trading Extranet, not only offers clients a systematic process for FX trading and market data flow, but also allows enhanced proximity to global trading destinations. TNS’ network is extremely secure and reliable, making the organization the best partner for us to work with to provide this service to FX traders.”

Alan Schwartz, president for TNS’ financial services division, said: “The partnership with EZX opens up many new avenues for TNS. FX trading is one of the largest growing market segments in the industry today and offering this new, premium, off the shelf trading solution will enable us to help meet the requirements of the financial industry, providing a seamless solution for the end client.

“EZX has a vast amount of industry knowledge, and through both our software capabilities, we can offer a technologically competent solution, playing a crucial role for FX traders.”