Transaction Network Services (TNS) has partnered with POS terminal and peripherals provider Blue Bamboo to enable ISOs, acquirers and processors across North America offer their customers the ability to accept credit and debit payments through smartphone devices.

Organizations connected to TNS’ Synapse wireless payment gateway will be able to extend their acquiring opportunities to a new segment of merchants who are interested in using smartphone devices to accept card payments from their customers.

The smartphone solution provides a PA DSS certified Java-based applet that runs on mobile handsets, enabling mobile merchants to perform card-swipe transactions on a variety of equipment, including certified Blackberry, Nokia and Motorola devices.

In addition to the mobile phone POS payment solution and device management via Synapse, TNS will soon be supporting the all-in-one Blue Bamboo H50 terminal. The modular design gives merchants the flexibility to accept credit and debit transactions, and the ability to convert the GPRS mobile wireless transaction device to a Bluetooth, Ethernet or Dial-Up-modem terminal.

TNS’ Synapse solution includes wireless network access, account activation, and secure transaction delivery to processors, web-based merchant and terminal management, customizable online reporting, and live 24×7 customer service.

John Perry, general manager of the Americas at TNS’ Payments Division, said: “The smart phone merchant solutions from TNS and Blue Bamboo pair a magnetic stripe reader with built-in printer for capturing card present transactions. The solution allows merchants to print a physical receipt and to send an electronic receipt via email. Most importantly, it provides robust security and reliability through the use of the TNS PCI DSS certified Synapse payment gateway.

“We are very happy to partner with Blue Bamboo to offer ISOs a solution that brings their merchants a secure, fully managed service that can help lower the costs of accepting cards.”

Justin Anderson, vice president of Americas at Blue Bamboo, said: “Blue Bamboo is proud to count TNS as a partner. As a long standing leader in the payment industry, TNS understands that merchants will ultimately demand mobile payments on wireless devices and mobile phones that are secure, certified and incur lower fees through card present transactions.

“Our mobile merchant solutions have been available for 2 years and boast 1000’s of merchant deployments. The terminals are extremely reliable and highly secure as they have been designed to conform to industry standards such as PED-DSS and PA-DSS all of which provide customers with additional security protection and meet all the required payment regulations.”