UK-based Threadneedle Asset Management has deployed an upgraded buy-side front office technology suite LatentZero from Fidessa group, a provider of trading, compliance, market data and connectivity solutions for the buy-side, as part of a technical upgradation with multiple co-dependent technology projects running simultaneously.

Fidessa said that the Threadneedle has completed a full technical upgrade of the three important elements of the solution: Tesseract for portfolio analysis and order generation, Minerva for order management, trading and post-trade processing, and Sentinel for and pre- and post-trade investment compliance.

Since 2003, Threadneedle has been using the full LatentZero suite to handle the majority of its equity operations, according to the Fidessa.

Tom Cunningham, head of IMS at Threadneedle, said: “For us, the LatentZero system is the cornerstone of our trading technology so interoperability with all of our other systems is crucial. This upgrade has enabled us to implement a version of the software that is also used by many of our peers, and thus gives us a robust and reliable base from which to bring on additional functionality in the future.”

Ian Cox, director of buy-side client services at Fidessa, said: “The project was executed in a truly collaborative manner, using the enhanced engagement model which we are now adopting across our client base. As a result of this upgrade, Threadneedle will benefit in the future from the significant technology and functionality advances we have delivered in the recent product set.”