The company integrates its cloud-native, next-gen digital banking platform with Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to help financial institutions enhance their banking experience


Technisys integrates platform with Microsoft Cloud. (Credit: efes from Pixabay)

US-based digital banking technology firm Technisys has announced the integration of its cloud-native, next-gen digital banking platform with Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.

The integration is said to provide the financial institutions with the ability to enhance the customer experience and advance the digital transformation of banks.

In addition, it facilitates scalability for the large banks, those with even up to 150 million customers, said Technisys.

Technisys CEO Mike Santos said: “Our integration with Microsoft strengthens our commitment to redefining the banking experience for consumers and business owners.

“We are empowering banks to create and deliver novel and tailored financial products, designed to be integral to customer lifestyles.

“Now, combined with Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform, we will enable FIs to embrace a digital transformation more quickly and cost-effectively – without disrupting day-to-day business. It’s a compelling and proven value proposition.”

According to Technisys, many banks manage legacy systems across internal departments, which limits their ability to deliver better customer experience across channels.

Also, the use of legacy systems would prevent financial institutions from being customer-centric, agile, future-proof, and scalable.

Technisys claimed that the integration of its platform with Microsoft Cloud would help build a complete banking ecosystem for financial institutions.

In addition, it would facilitate a more cohesive digital transformation process that enables banks to deliver superior customer experiences, low operational costs, and a digital edge.

Microsoft worldwide financial services corporate vice president Bill Borden said: “Technisys’ integration with Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services enables financial institutions to accelerate their digital journey and transition to a cloud model.

“We know that pursuing a digital transformation is challenging, but with the powerful capabilities of both Technisys and Microsoft we can empower our customers to innovate faster and focus more on delivering value to their customers, versus maintaining their legacy systems.”

Earlier this year, US-based digital finance company SoFi Technologies agreed to acquire Technisys for a total consideration of around $1.1bn.