Tech Credit Union has implemented XP2 account processing platform from Fiserv to expedite operational efficiency and enhancing member-service.

Credit Union Solutions senior vice president Naseer Nasim said XP2 is a proven solution with the efficiency-boosting technology and dedicated support staff necessary to help Tech Credit Union, and other institutions like it, achieve their goals for service and efficiency.

"XP2 from Fiserv provides a total account processing solution with the ability to interface with the broad and ever-growing list of value-added technologies needed to remain competitive in today’s financial services marketplace," Nasim added.

Fiserv claims that its accounting platform Microsoft .NET architecture which is open at every tier and a member-centric design backed by an IBM DB2 relational database.

The solution can be customised according to individual needs and is available through service bureau, in-house delivery or facilities management.

Tech Credit Union chief executive officer Mike Hussey said, "The integration that XP2 offers with all functional areas in our credit union meets our needs and exceeds our expectations. Our staff will have improved access to all member relationships as well as the ability to better analyze member data to offer relevant products and services."

Tech Credit Union will implement Wisdom for financial management and ConvergeIT IVR for interactive voice response.