T8 Webware, a provider of web development, management and hosting services for the financial industry, has introduced a web-based application Cre8 My Card to help community financial institutions issue customizable payment cards.

Cre8 My Card application extends personalized debit card development capabilities to online customers and members of financial institutions.

Cre8 My Card equips users with a range of customizable payment card options, allowing them to pick personal photos from various social media outlets or their personal computers.

Financial institutions can also upload and manage their own pre-determined image gallery. During the creation process customers were given full-photo manipulation rights to crop, rotate, resize and/or even adjust saturation of the image to their preference.

T8 Webware CEO Wade Arnold said that instead of a bland branded card, community banks and credit unions now have the opportunity to enhance customer loyalty while also generating additional revenue for the institution.

Each Cre8 My Card design includes the bank or credit union’s logo (or merchant logo). Upon completion, users are shown a preview of their customized Cre8 My Card design before submitting it to the financial institution for approval, which then forwards the template onto the instant issue system or vendor for creation.