The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has launched Streaming Pro, a new real-time trading application to provide online trading customers with double faster booting time, using new techniques for faster transmission of trading orders.

This application is expected to support multi-market trading, or trade equities and futures on one application, with a clearer information display than before and a Thai menu.

According to SET, Streaming Pro focuses on enhancing the application effectiveness, as it is smaller in size than the previous program but has double the booting speed. It is compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers. It has multi-account features, which allow investors to use Streaming Pro to trade for all of the accounts he or she holds.

Kesara Manchusree, group head for markets at SET, said: “SET has improved the application Streaming Plus to support internet trading, which is receiving great attention from today’s investors. Streaming Pro, is ready for investors through settrade’s 20 members.”