Stillwater Capital Advisors has chosen Advent Software's Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) through Advent OnDemand, Advent’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment, as its portfolio management and accounting platform.

Stillwater Capital has also selected Light [Port] to offer its clients web-based access to reports and investment data.

Together, the Advent and Light [Port] solutions are expected to enable Stillwater Capital Advisors to leverage an integrated portfolio and client relationship management solution while providing their clients with visibility into investment portfolios through an online portal.

Stillwater Capital Advisors founding partner Doug Swope said that Stillwater did not hesitate to work with Advent, given the company’s reputation in the industry.

“The integration between Advent APX data and the Light [Port] client portal helps us deliver transparency and superior client service while offering opportunity to add value to our clients and grow our firm,” Swope said.