Star Network has introduced a new PIN debit application called Star CertiFlash that advances point-of-sale security using one-time card number technology.

The Star CertiFlash technology is programmed onto a contactless chip embedded within a payment device. For each transaction, the chip encrypts and transmits a card number that is good for only a single use.

Star CertiFlash does not use the consumer’s real account information during the payment transaction, so the information would not be available via Star CertiFlash transactions to criminals hacking into a merchant’s system.

It also translates the one-time card number back to the real card number using a hardware-protected cryptographic process, to send to the issuer for authorization.

Star Network Product Management vice president Julie Saville said that by introducing Star CertiFlash, the company demonstrates its commitment to developing meaningful innovation.

“It is our hope to help accelerate contactless adoption while providing secure technology and increased choice that consumers can feel confident about using,” Saville said.