Switzerland-based financial data vendor Six Telekurs has collaborated with The Nasdaq OMX Group to globally disseminate index and exchange-traded fund (ETF) data.

In response to the growing need for transparency and supplier diversity, Six Telekurs and Nasdaq OMX have established the infrastructure to publish and broadly disseminate ETF and index values for issuers and index providers.

According to Six Telekurs, using the thousands of Nasdaq OMX redistributors, these issuers and index providers will have more access to a vast and versatile ETF and index marketplace.

Using the technology developed by sister company Rolotec, Six Telekurs disseminates real-time values for a wide variety of ETFs and indices, including those based on international equities and fixed income.

Barry Raskin, managing director of Six Telekurs USA, said: “We are very pleased to work with Nasdaq OMX, and to expand our index and ETF services to the global issuers that rely heavily on its expertise and market leadership. Nasdaq OMX is highly regarded for its leadership in this market segment, and we are delighted to be working with such a great team to offer our mutual customers the diversity they require.”

Randall Hopkins, senior vice president of Nasdaq OMX, said: “As a premier, full-service data provider, Nasdaq OMX is committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers. Working with Six Telekurs is part of delivering on that promise.”