Singapore Exchange (SGX) has reported a net profit of SGD320.1m for its full financial year ended June 30, 2010, up 5% from SGD305.7m reported for the financial year 2009.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization for financial year 2010 was SGD404.5m compared to SGD386.2m in 2009. Excluding a goodwill impairment of SGD2.7m and write-back of property impairment of SGD5m, the financial year 2010 net profit was SGD317.8m, the second highest profit level achieved since SGX’s listing in November 2000.

Revenue in financial year 2010 grew 8% to SGD639.7m from SGD594.8m in 2009.

For financial year 2010, SGX’s return on equity was 39.2% compared to 39.3% in the financial year 2009.

Magnus Bocker, CEO of SGX, said: “Last year was the second best year for SGX. We will continue to expand our distribution network, products and services while maintaining Singapore’s high regulatory standards. This will further strengthen our position as the Asian Gateway. We are committed to becoming one of the leading exchanges in the world.”