SimCorp, a developer of specialized software for the investment industry, has launched self-assessment center for mutual fund companies to participate in a benchmarking study against their peers to evaluate their growth-readiness as a firm.

The SimCorp Mutual Fund Self-Assessment tool, evaluates how firms are approaching a range of issues related to growth, including: likelihood of introducing new services and offerings; plan to enter new geographical markets over the next 12-24 months; expectations regarding the effects of regulatory and legislative requirements; capability of existing systems to support new funds or products; level of automation in reporting capabilities.

The company said after completing the 10-minute self-assessment, participants will receive a personalized report with a detailed analysis on their firm’s growth readiness at both an operational and organizational level.

In addition, SimCorp will also provide respondents with ideas for value creation.

SimCorp managing director of North America David Kubersky said that mutual fund companies are emerging from the recession and looking to expand their product offerings. His firm developed the self-assessment center to help mutual fund firms evaluate themselves against their peers to see how ready they are for growth.