Financial services provider Sharjah Islamic Bank has launched the Platinum Visa credit card, designed specifically to meet the needs of the VIP clients and distinguished senior depositors in the bank.

The launch is in line with the bank’s current strategy to enhance its superior service and deliver the highest rates of excellence according to standards of Islamic Sharia.

Osama Salah, head of retail banking services, said that the Platinum Visa card enables the holder to deal with more than 30 million businesses around the world and withdraw funds from 840,000 machines in 150 countries. The card also provides a higher ceiling for credit within the total credit cards issued by the banking institution, so it is dedicated to the bank’s privileged clients, important personalities and businessmen.

Mr Salah added: The Visa card Platinum is considered as one of the finest credit cards at the level of Islamic banks and never forces the users to pay additional charges as other traditional credit cards.

The new card also allows three other cards to be granted to anyone over the age of 18, to be used to make financial transactions from the same card account, as well as offering the cardholder the ability to choose the amount of credit wanted to be used per month or leaving it open to the ceiling amount.

The card also has additional security features; the cardholder will receive a warning when transactions appear to be suspicious, as well as short text messages to inform the cardholder about the total balance and the date of renewal and replacement of the card.