Servus, a Canada-based credit union, has selected Swiss banking software solution provider Temenos' T24 platform to improve its member services.

Servus will implement T24 Canadian Model Bank, which includes all membership functionality and interfaces for ease of integration with third party systems to support the Canadian credit union market.

Temenos claimed that its T24 platform will support Servus’ business requirements including core back office functions, integrated CRM, compatibility with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and foreign exchange. T24’s high configurability will boost operational productivity and enhance front office functions, by reducing the number of systems needed to view relevant customer information.

The credit union will employ Temenos’ management consultancy services to realign processes with T24 functionality.

Eric Dillon, COO at Servus Credit Union, said: “We expect T24 to provide a single view of each member, enable us to rapidly configure new products and reduce technical diversity. As T24 does not hold a fixed architecture, we will have the flexibility to tailor the system to meet our changing needs as we grow. T24 offers a number of features that will give Servus a competitive advantage both immediately and in the long term.”