US multi channel payment processing provider Servebase has rolled out ANYpay payment platform, which is designed to enable traders reduce risk, increase business and efficiently address consumers demands.

The newly introduced payment system facilitates merchants to use a modular ‘Mix and Match’ approach, to better suit purchasing habits of their customers, claims Servebase.

Servebase CEO Ritz Steytler said the "Plug and Play" and "Mix and Match" format provides easy access to the right combination of applications, payment devices, value added services, geographies, processors and sales channels.

Capable of managing any payment device across all applications, from a centralized intelligent hub through the Cloud, the platform easily connects and allows merchants to select their sale channels.

Merchants can also avail value added services including real-time analytics, dynamic currency conversion, tax free shopping, electronic charity box and mobile POS, according to the company.

The system eliminates any fraud risk, complies with international and domestic payment standards including EMV chip and PIN and payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS), whilst offering quick processing of card transactions in multiple territories and currencies.

Several customers within the retail industry in more than 30 countries have already deployed the system.