SecondMarket, a New York-based secondary market for private company stock, has collaborated with StockTwits to allow its participants to view StockTwits’ real-time stock conversations about the private companies on the SecondMarket platform.

SecondMarket’s private company stock market allows shareholders of venture-backed private companies to sell their shares prior to an IPO or M&A transaction.

StockTwits said that its live feed will stream into the hundreds of private company information pages that are available on the SecondMarket platform, allowing SecondMarket participants to follow the real-time conversations.

SecondMarket founder and CEO Barry Silbert said that adding real-time dialogues about private companies to the company’s platform provides an important mechanism to enhance the user experience, while also providing additional information to allow buyers and sellers to make more informed investment decisions.

StockTwits CEO Howard Lindzon said that this collaboration with SecondMarket will allow StockTwits’ users to become more educated participants in the private company market.