Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Division of Corporation Finance that reviews public company filings is creating three specialized offices to enhance its disclosure review and policy operations. The new offices will focus on large financial institutions, asset-backed securities, other structured products and securities offering trends.

Through its new financial services review office, the division will be able to increase the number of institutions subject to the reviews, concentrate staff expertise and develop new review techniques to further strengthen its review program.

Another office will focus exclusively on disclosure reviews and policy-making for asset-backed securities and other structured finance products.

The third office will review new securities products and capital markets trends and develop recommendations for changes to enhance investor protection in securities offerings. The office also will conduct market research and selectively review securities offering documents and coordinate the Division’s consideration of new products.

Meredith Cross, director of Division of Corporation Finance at SEC, said: “These changes will help us focus our resources more sharply on critically important institutions and financial products so we can stay ahead of the curve and better protect investors.”