IPsoft announced today that one of Sweden’s largest banks, SEB will integrate Amelia into its customer service operations around year end.

The Swedish bank will be the first in the industry to embrace IPsoft’s cognitive technology in order to deliver an enhanced customer experience for its million-strong client base in Sweden using local language.

 The decision to place Amelia in the front office builds on the successful first phase deployment of Amelia in an internal IT Service Desk supporting SEB’s 15,000 strong workforce.

By employing Amelia, the bank is accelerating progress towards its innovation goals and differentiating its service from others in the market.

SEB’s chief strategy officer Rasmus Järborg said:  Customer service is a key differentiator. By making Amelia available to respond to queries, we enhance our customers’ flexibility of receiving individualized support at a time that suits them and without any delays in response.

“Our confidence in the positive experience Amelia can offer customers is built on the success of our internal programme to employ Amelia as an IT Service Desk agent. Within the first three weeks, she held over 4000 conversations with 700 users and was able to resolve the majority of those queries independently, allowing employees to get consistent support without delay.”

IPsoft will also help SEB set up its own cognitive centre of excellence in order to build an in-house talent pool of individuals who can mentor Amelia.

They will supervise her learning, monitor her performance and identify new opportunities for applying this technology to re-shape customer journeys. This initiative sets a new standard for enterprises that are adapting their skills base to optimize the adoption of cognitive technology.

IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube said: “Digital labor will provide a fundamental shift in the way that banks manage their operations and provide a platform on which it is possible to launch new services.

“ The burden of guaranteeing compliance adherence, for example, could become a thing of the past as virtual agents never deviate from regulations and provide a full audit trail of every interaction. SEB is clearly a frontrunner in understanding the potential of digital transformation and seizing first mover advantage by placing Amelia in the front lines of its business.”

IPsoft’s Amelia is an artificial intelligence platform designed to problem-solve like a human, but in a fraction of the time. Built with semantic understanding, Amelia interacts with customers through natural language and even senses emotions.

Unlike any other virtual agent, Amelia understands the full context of the dialogue, and applies logic to her knowledge of the subject matter in order to determine the right answer or best course of action.