Seamless, a firm engaged in mobile payment solution development, has introduced SEQR, a mobile payment solution, which enables users to carry out transaction in retail outlets and to private individuals directly into their normal bank accounts, free and independent of bank affiliation.

The users are required to use the SEQR app to scan a QR code at the checkout and then approve payment with a personal PIN code, the firm said.

Currently, Seamless has launched the payment application exclusively in Sweden and has plans to introduce it internationally, which requires no card involvement.

Seamless SEQR business area chief Emil Wikstrom said, "Our latest SEQR function adds the capability of sending money to someone else’s bank account, simply and without charge."

"The system is perfect for sharing a restaurant bill, for example, or buying items on Internet trading sites."

Seamless manages over 3.1 billion transactions through 525 000 active purchase points and operates in 26 geographies across the globe.