Canada-based Scotiabank has signed a long-term ATM branding agreement with Cardtronics, an owner/operator of retail ATMs and financial kiosks.

As per the agreement, Scotiabank will place its brand on 200 ATMs owned and operated by Cardtronics in Puerto Rico.

Initially, Scotiabank will brand approximately 40 ATMs and will brand an additional 160 ATMs in the Puerto Rican market as Cardtronics installs those locations over time.

In addition to Puerto Rico, other Scotiabank markets too will be covered under the master ATM branding agreement.

Scotiabank Puerto Rico CEO Troy Wright said that the quality and reliability of Cardtronics’ ATM branding program has set the standard in the industry for some time now, and the ability for Cardtronics to grow with Scotiabank throughout Puerto Rico and beyond adds a great deal of value.