SBI Sumishin Net Bank (SSNB), a Japan-based internet bank, has outsourced its payment card portfolio processing to TSYS, a provider of outsourced payment services.

TSYS will provide processing and back-office operation services for SSNB to issue cards to consumers, including retail membership cards, a proprietary private-label credit card and association-branded credit cards.

SSNB, with more than 750,000 accounts, plans to use the partnership with TSYS to expand its card business.

Gaylon Jowers, president of TSYS International, said: “SBI Sumishin Net Bank leads the Japanese internet banking market with its innovative products and services. TSYS is delighted to offer a full range of support for SSNB’s entry into the card business, in both system processing and back-office operations.”

Tohru Nitadori, general manager of card business division at SSNB, said: “The dependability of TSYS’ processing platform will enable us to concentrate on new cardholder acquisition and new program introduction, and we look forward to calling on TSYS for its extensive knowledge and expertise in day-to-day operational matters including call center operations.”

Hitoshi Kondo, managing director of TSYS Japan, said: “We believe the value of outsourcing has been proven time and time again in the Japanese card industry. We are strongly committed to our Japanese team and support its mission to meet the increased needs and expectation of clients.”