The exchange-traded fund was designed by Sberbank Asset Management


Sberbank of Russia. (Credit: Roman Balabin/

Shares in the exchange-traded mutual fund Sber — Responsible Investment (BPIF RFI Sber — Otvetstvennye Investitsii) have been made available. The fund invests in the companies complying with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles.

The exchange-traded fund was designed by Sberbank Asset Management. The new ETF invests in shares of companies that are included in the MOEX – RSPP Sustainability Vector Total Return Index.

MOEX launched the MOEX – RSPP Sustainability Vector Total Return Index on January 27, 2020. The index includes shares of issuers that are highly appraised for their disclosure in the field of sustainable growth and corporate social responsibility provided by RSPP as at December, 2019. In particular, it includes securities of such companies as NOVATEK, Polyus, Tatneft, and TMK.

Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“The shock that the world has experienced this year made more people realize the need to fight against such global threats as climate change, environmental pollution, social inequality, including by supporting companies that meet ESG principles. In 2020, private investors’ injections in ESG funds have reached their peak across the world. In August, the value of the assets of such funds exceeded USD 100 bln. In eight months of this year, ESG funds welcomed three times as much investment than last year. Sberbank sees a growing interest in such investments among its customers, constantly expanding its line of ESG products and instruments.”

The new ETF shares are available via Sberbank Investor and with any broker that has access to MOEX trading. You can find a range of exchange-traded funds on the Sberbank Asset Management website.

Sberbank CIB, one of the largest Russian brokers, acts as the fund’s market maker. It maintains the liquidity of the fund’s shares, letting customers buy or sell them on the stock exchange during a trading day.

Exchange-traded funds or ETFs are the funds that sell their shares on the stock exchange. Usually, they consist of shares in accordance with the stock exchange index. In 2018, Sberbank Asset Management started to trade the first Russian ETF on MOEX and became the pioneer in this industry in Russia. At the moment, the company offers its customers a wide range of ETFs which they can include in a portfolio diversified by sectors, tools, countries and currencies.

Source: Company Press Release